Hot Links


Although Bunk would prefer that y’all stay here, sometimes it’s necessary to open the door a crack and let ch’all go out and play. Just be back here by midnight.

The Rock-A-Teens, 1959, “WooHoo” here.

The 5678’s “WooHoo” here.

Clever advertising here.

Photos found at a swap meet of an unknown family who probably owned a liquor store here.

Coffee, oddness and live podcasts at Rockhoppers. Get wired and laid back at the same time.

I don’t know why you’d want to do it, but if you have to, here are step-by-step instructions on how to “Purple Wash” your dolls.

I reuse my calendars. mini-contest-best-short-joke.

Some websites are updated every 60 seconds. One of them can be found here.

Funky time wasters here and here.

The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art here.

Speaking of Fabric Brain Art, check out Clay Pigeon. Kinda like the Onion, only better.

A very addictive time waster here. (I gave up after level 16.)

How many of States in the USA have you been to? Give your answers here and it’ll show you a map of them in case you forgot where they were.

Tuscan Whole Milk 1 gallon 128 fl. oz. is still available at Amazon, with over 900 great customer reviews. (Caution: If you read the reviews while drinking a tall cold glass of it, Tuscan Whole Milk will come out your nose.)

Much absurdity may be found here from Bunk’s previous life as a stray poster for SNTC. In those days Bunk only posted once every coupla weeks or so, before he jumped face-first into the blogpool with Tacky Raccoons.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Hot Links”

  1. MoniQue–

    Every American Citizen with the ability to drive while holding a beer cozy should make a cross country trip at least once in his/her lifetime, coast-to-coast, or middle-to-coast-to-coast-and back-to-middle trip. No schedule. No itinerary. Just leave and come back sometime. If you’re a real pain, just leave, and you might figger it out on your way just like I did.

    Maybe I’ll post a travelog… lotsa places I’ve been that I never wanna go back to, but you gottta visit once in your lifetime.

    See Ruby Falls,

    P.S. Did you know that FinPeng stopped at level 17?


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