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How many wrong predictions about the future of the internest can you find in this Newsweek article from 1995? (Note that someone updated the post in 31 January 2008… what did it say before?)

Quick! Call 911!

Fail. You. Here.

Things that spill from trucks.

Dogs in cars. Nothing else.

Cats in cars. Just to be fair.

Lots of really RED things.

Urban mythbuster SNOPES deBunked.

The worst “50 Greatest Bands” compilation I’ve ever seen; all the wrong ones, and all out of order.

Aussies have always had my respect, but they’ve also puzzled me, until I read this. Now I’m just confused.

Someone else besides me knows who the Stoop Down man is. It’s Chick Willis. Here he is rockin’ out to the sitting dead.

When someone axes me what station I listen to online, I tell ’em either Jango or Seeqpod, depending on my mood. Both are cool. Seeqpod (beta) has a lot of mislabeled and dead links, but doesn’t pester you to sign up like Jango does. They both do the same thing, different ways.

Long tongues. Really.

Did we mention the Popularity Dialer? I thought it was clever, but the FCC shut it down while appeals are being filed.

Forget Waldo. Where’s LEON? He’s here.

[Letterman “whoa” .gif from here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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