Bunk Has Left the Building – (temporarily)

[Image from here via GrowABrain.]


I’ve been summoned for duty in the destitution and abject horror of the warzone known as the City of Cincinnati.

In my absence, I’ve put Marshal Finicky Penguin in charge of this website, to post and monitor your kind comments, until my glorious return on Sunday, 6 July 2008.

Marshal Penguin is a good guy, if not a little odd, but I ask that you treat him with the same lack of respect that you would treat me. He was kind enough to deputize me to blogsit his website recently (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Soda).

Although I kinda sorta left his website in slight disarray, it was still intact when he returned, so I’m returning the favor with my fingers crossed. I’ve pre-posted a few things, and left him some draft posts to play with. I trust the Marshal as if he were my own ugly stepchild.

Here’s a very cool video via Arbroath to hold y’all through the transition. See y’all on the 6th. I’m outta here.


P.S. Here are the keys, Marshal. Don’t lend ’em out.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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