Here’s TACKY RACCOON’s Very First Post from 3 August 2007. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, and I’m still not entirely sure that I know now.

The image of the laughing (?) raccoon is from (appropriately enough) SayNoToCrack, Anita Bath’s original clean humor website.  She got me started on all this absurdity, then I stepped in it and tracked it all over the carpet.

Thanks gobs for all your encouragement, help, and stuff, and especially for all y’alls comments and linkoids.  Do we keep on keepin’ on?

In no particular rank or order, thanks to Anita Bath, Ben Dover, sarahenity, Diesel, Miss Cellanea, Marshal Penguin, Alpaca the Awesome, Angry Duck, M.Wolfe, SpartanWolf, VE, raincoaster, Phil Cordery, Amy Oops, Casual Jan, archiearch, Dan Rockhopper, Kitty, PlaneTross, Tony, SinisterDan, Bobby Bieber, yellowjkt, Janessa Vapors, Slippy Lane, Wendy, Dolph, Bonnie Phumph, suchabastard, Gregoire, Necromancer, Lannie Foosers, Cheese Duck, S. Le, Pete Aldin, Tooncie Crumbler, Queen Rosebud, The Hypocritical One, Valdoor, kanadianbakin, Fake, Howlin’ Betty, tbonky, Damon, Chiqui, Jody Foster, Robert Foster, Foster Brooks, Albert Brooks, Lonnie Brooks, Brook Shields, Cheesy007, Shar Pei, Kung Pao, Chez Yuan, Stiletto, Walter C., and way too many others to name…

Like James S., Wheels, nothere, Pancho Opcionweb, Rickspoems, Feng, Cornel,  jah, sandy, Weird, Tanja Forster, osa glass,  Courtney M., Mishele, Jack, Ben Vereen, Fluffman86, Nick Adams, Monique, wrekehavoc, Vincent Castro, tara, James, KFC Rules, Saha, Layla,  indianamatt, hustler 1, Fritz, DUDR_1, Beeper, BB King, Albert King, Albert Alligator, Albert Ammons,  Meade Lux Lewis, Philip Johnson, Robert Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Chuck Berry, Haile Berry, Barry Mann, Barry Goldwater,  Chuck Norris, the Captain and Toenail, Walt Kelly, Kelly Blue-Book, Booker T., Mr. & Mrs. T, T-Bone Walker, Johnny Walker, Walker Texas Ranger, Jim Baldwin, johnrobert, Frankie, jayle, Tarlow, Elle, Butch, Sue Dunham, ineedacar, GH, Mark, Moon, l3utterfish, Moneymoose, tarbabyjim, RosebudDLS, Meg, minotaurny, B Dear, Jeff, anomalous4, Criss Angle, Reuben Miller, fenderflip, Alex, Nessa, Trailer Thoughts, Haus Cremlingen, Girl Fren, Jayne, Lee, Gumpy Weeblers, and the very first commenter on this website, BOSSY.

Thanks also to Eoin Shaloo for helping me with my irrational and compulsive research for this post.

Cordially & Sincerely,

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  1. phil Cordery Says:

    Well, what can I say
    Iread your blog every day
    Fair dinkum mate, its bonza
    I’m about to start on a slab of coldies to help you celebrate.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Muchisimas grassyass, Phil. Slab of coldies sounds pretty good about now… Maybe I’ll hang out in the garage for a tad and pump some aluminum.

  3. sarahenity Says:

    it’s been a what now?

    what the hell did i spend the last year doing?

  4. Amyoops Says:

    Congrats. a year sure does go by fast! Have a cold one on me..

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    sara– Last time I checked you were drooling over batmobile retrofit kits from J.C. Whitney.

    Amy– Thanks for the ‘grats.

  6. sarahenity Says:

    hmmm. yeah that makes perfect sense! congrats anyways 🙂

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