Saturday Matinee: Stuff (in no particular order)


Pete Drake is kinda famous in a way you’d never suspect after watching this.  I love it. [Found here.]

Ms. Cellanea found this original version of Jurassic Park.

One of the prettiest but saddest Country Rock songs ever recorded:  “Melissa” by the Allman Bros.

On the other hand, the Allmans’ “Jessica” lifts the load. Roadtrip music at its best.

Okay. Y’all heard of Bo Diddley.  Here’s the Diddley Bo played by a master, Seasick Steve.  All rhythm; raw as y’all can get.

(That last one’s for Roo Skinner Phil.  Give him a howdy and tell him Bunk sent you.)

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2 Responses to “Saturday Matinee: Stuff (in no particular order)”

  1. phil Cordery Says:

    Wow! Bunk
    Where did you fid that wild man?
    How can I top that??

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Phil– WordPress has a new add-on called InstaPost. I click on it, type in Saturday, and the videos are automatically uploaded based upon my preset parameters. Real time saver.

    (Okay, I made that up. I googled “Diddley Bo” and found it.)

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