The .gif Friday Post No. 80 – Sports?


Long Float_Mogadonia


Excercising FAIL_Creepy 090421

LaserCat_GIF Bin

Folks–  We’ve been posting .gif animations every Friday, and although we’d prefer to give credit, the majority (but not all) of the .gif’s we post are pilfered from a handful of collection sites that give no credit to the original authors.  So here’s a poll.  Lemme know what you think. –Bunk

[Update 21 May 2009 –  When we post images and .gif animations like these, TR usually (but not always) renames and saves them in this format:

Boogedyboogedy_websitefoundat  090521.extention

Name of the image, followed by the name of the site, followed by the date that our crack team of webminers found it, in the format of yr/mo/day, followed by .jpg, gif, etc.  This allows us to archive unpublished images and to credit the sources later. It’s a sloppy but honest way to do it.

To find the hidden sources, all you need to do is hover your cursor over them. Rock on.  –Bunk]

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2 Responses to “The .gif Friday Post No. 80 – Sports?”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    love the kitty


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    nursem– Ah yes, the joys of owning a lasercat…


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