“Hi Hon. What’s for dinner?”



I think I’d rather have that, than this:

chickeninacan_neatorama 090601

Imagine that! Fully cooked, and it looks just like the label…

[Top image found in my kitchen.  Bottom image from Neatorama – they beat me to it.  Related post here.  What the heck, we might as well add a new Category for Food.]

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8 Responses to ““Hi Hon. What’s for dinner?””

  1. S. Le Says:

    That’s just grotty looking! Like chicken gone off!


  2. VE Says:

    Man…the vegans should use this as their recruiting poster!


  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    S. Le– But Wait! There’s More!

    VE– Everyone should use this as their recruiting poster. 😉


  4. planetross Says:

    Is that first photo Shake n Bake?

    Why does fish look so much better than that chicken when it’s in a can?


  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    plane– It was a flavor packet (banned by Mrs. Strutts) for use in a bean stew to make one think legumes = chickens. As for your second question, the obvious answer is, “because.” The less obvious response is that people like to look at fish in cans.


  6. Zanypickle Says:

    Well.. There went my need and desire to eat lunch.


  7. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Zanyp– C’mon! Be a trooper! Just keep it out of your field of vision, and eat it while looking at the picture on the can.

    (BTW, nice collection of stuff on your site. If you notice a dark figure weaseling around your archives, it’ll be me, looking for stuff that ain’t bolted down.)


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