You just can’t make this stuff up.

Giant Flying Piranhas_Fengtastic 090716

This is what Our President said will happen if we don’t nationalize the medical insurance industry immediately.  AM talk radio is next, followed by the hinternest…


[Image from Fengtastic. Dude.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

14 thoughts on “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

  1. You know I hadn’t thought of that. Giant Flying Saltwater Piranhas are destroying health care.

    Oh crap. I misspelled “Piranhas” on the poster. That’ll learn me to post sober.


  2. I’ve never understood why a national medical insurance policy hasn’t been introduced in the U.S.A. I guess I haven’t stuck my head that far up my ass before.
    Sorry, I’m feeling all controversial and Yul Brynner/Western World on this one.

    Piranhas would be excluded from the plan of course … unless introduced into the Great Lakes.


  3. Feng– hn instead of nh? I hadn’t noticed. Must’ve been distracted by the red bikini.

    Plane– I was kinda grouchy after listening to the Messiah’s rambling on about it. Wanna bring insurance costs down? Tort reform.


  4. Bunk–if we loosed those flying mandibles in congress, that would eliminate the socialized medicine threat and–with all the dead lawyers–ensure tort reform. It’s a two-fer.


  5. Embarrrasssed schufflin’ from right talon … and back to left talon ,,, divers & multitudinous times …

    Err —- fo’c’s’le, Cap’n Strutts, shiver me timbers

    Why, Ahh doo dee=clay-are

    Even in the (ex)Colonies, Standards must be maintained, over apostrophisin’

    Next, they’ll be passing the Port from left to right, at Presidential Banquets

    …. is it not ScHocking enough that they have admitted Ladies to the Suffrage, with entirely predictable results

    BUT does it not trouble Americans that, even tho’ the richest Country (in so many ways, the Good Lord’s best hope for a confused & struggling humanity in a perplexing & often harsh World) , so many poor US folk have only limited or no access to health care and DIE

    WHILE with its absurd anti-Hanoverian Gun Laws so many Young (and Old) Americans get shot and DIE – even going to Church !!!

    AND the vindictive & pointless Cuban Blockade – when shall the USA end it

    and BTW Piranhas are spellt Piranhas – it’s the Portuguese


  6. Honorable Massah Eagle–

    Regarding the Suffrage, you may place the blame on NZ for starting that one.

    As for your 2nd, you misunderstand the point. It is not about health care, as we have the best in the world. It is not even about Major Medical Care, as it is already mandated and funded. No one dies on the streets for lack of medical care here, unless they do it in a blind alley where no one can find them. That’s the myth.

    It is all about the insurance industry. Our left-leaning President and his socialist compadres want to take over another private industry with no conception as to how to run it. How many doctors are in Congress? ZERO.

    So why should the people of this Nation turn over the reins of trained medical professionals to government lawyers, the same lawyers that sue, or support lawsuits, against the medical profession? Frivolous lawsuits drive up the costs of health care, resulting in higher insurance costs for practitioners and their insurers. Pharmaceutical companies bear the same risks, which drives up the cost of cheap medications.

    Whew. The basic economics seem obvious to me.

    On to your third point. The 2nd Amendment. You’re obviously baiting me (heh). When was the last time you heard of a mass murder at a gun show? What happened to the crime rate in England once firearms were banned? What happened in Australia? Our own Nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., bans firearms, yet has the highest murder rate per capita in the nation. Why is that?

    Regarding Bait No. 4: Cuba. My opinion is that the embargo should have been lifted years ago to open up the tourist trade, bring estranged families back together, and to provide a venue for 1950’s car shows on the mainland. The money generated by the tourist trade itself would bring the locals out of poverty and allow a free market to prosper.

    Piranhas. Yeah. =)


  7. Senor Bunk

    Thank you for your attempt to share understanding of such an important American Institution – I see you have views about lawyers, similar to those of a very Gray Individual I know

    It is not only American Health=Care which is a mystery to this Eagle – the British National Health Service defies rational understanding

    It consumes vast quantities of Treasure but we are told that it is very cheap compared with the Health Systems of Less Happier Lands

    and yet there is lamentable mal-management

    eg in recent negotiations, the Doctors could not believe the Government’s offering such generous remuneration for GPs (General Practitioners – local Family Doctors) an already lavishly paid group – the more we pay them, the less GPs actually do

    AND it is one of Europe’s largest Employers and one of the Government’s most important ways of concealing Under (and Un) Employment

    BUT I do wonder how more 4/5 year-olds have to shoot themselves or their 2 year-old sisters to persuade Americans (generally a kindly & sensible Folk on other matters) to repeal the wRetched 2nd Amendment and to drastically reduce the availability of Firearms

    I struggle to see any relevance in the absence of mass murder at gun shows … perhaps the illustrious Senor Bunk is engaging in the anti-soviet hobby of Eagle-Baiting

    Yr obedient servant etc

    G E


  8. Herr Eagle– Not Eagle baiting at all, just responding with my honest opinions. I am not familiar with the British system of health insurance; I’d also like to discuss our 2nd Amendment Rights further, either here or privately. Getting kinda late for me here and I’ll clarify my opinion of the legal profession also if you wish.


  9. G E

    “The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced,” is a quote attributed to the late Frank Zappa, grammatical error and all.

    Given that the USA is a country founded upon the rule of law, and that lawyers write the laws; and that because the legal jargon is so pervasive that it requires the interpretation of such law by other lawyers, lawyers are a necessary evil.

    What I despise are those lawyers who conspire to write laws into the public record for purposes of litigation and their own self interests. The lawyers who then exploit those laws for personal gain are slime. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 is a prime example. The intent was good, but it is enforced only via litigation rather than a case-by-case approval of local jurisdictions.

    I don’t want my government or anybody else telling me that I have to purchase healthcare insurance if I don’t want it. Note that “Health Care Insurance” is different than “Major Medical Insurance.” Had I thought through the basic economics, I’d have never bought private health care insurance for my wife, my children, or myself. I would have paid for doctor’s visits out of pocket, a couple of hundred bucks here and there, and saved thousands of dollars in premiums that went back to our insurers’ coffers.

    G.E., what you call the “wRetched 2nd Amendment” is our God Given Right to defend one’s self, one’s family and one’s property from mayhem and illegal confiscation. An armed society is a polite society, and if you take away the basic right of self-protection/preservation, we’re doomed to accept the probability that local government/law enforcement won’t arrive on scene in time to prevent the robbery/theft/murder/etc.

    I don’t want to have to depend upon the government to provide instantaneous on-the-spot protection, because it can’t. BUT I CAN.



  10. Senor Bunk

    Quite agree about Lawyers – better informed about US Gun Laws, but really not convinced

    As he observed to Mr Scudder, my friend RICHARD HANNAY was indeed “a Handy Man with a Gun”

    BUT to be polite he didn’t need a Gun or to have a Gun pointed at him

    Richard & his friends would rather have walked off the wrong end of the Plank off the BLACK PEARL, than NOT open a door for a Lady … and they would NEVER pass the Port to the Right as happened once on Aerchie’s Blogge

    Meerkat Sniper Caught In the Act – Her Grace la Regencoaster’s Blogge

    A call has been issued for your help in the Comments on this Post

    If you with typical American Courage & Heroic Humour nobly ride to the rescue, I will of course be behind you all the way, indeed a long way behind

    DO remember you will be dealing with Meerkats …. the one you can see perhaps should be handled with nervous care a& polite circumspection — and she has her friends that you can’t see

    Perhaps before you carry out any recce, perhaps you should avail yourself of those wretched 2nd Amendment … or better send in the Marines

    Alles Gute


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