.Gif Friday Post No.90: Run, Dance, Meltdown


Race FAIL_Fail Gif 090723

Bet the guy in the green shirt suffers from “Survivor’s Guilt.”

dance hard 5_GIF Bin

How to do the WubbaWubba Dance.

Happy Not Happy_Fail GIF 090723

Dang. Forced to sit between Smiley Guy and Habitual Neck Scratcher, AND caught on camera.  I’d be the one sitting behind him flicking peanut shells down his collar.

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6 Responses to “.Gif Friday Post No.90: Run, Dance, Meltdown”

  1. G Eagle Esq Says:

    Buena siera, Senot Bunk

    Sans doubte, l’homme avec la Shirte grune feel guiltė que il ne feel pas Guilėl pads Guitėhe does not feel guilty

  2. G Eagle Esq Says:

    Buena sierra, Senor Bunk

    Sans doute, l’Homme avec la Shirte grune feel Guiltė que il ne feel pas Guilté pur winner la Race

    Je reste le vestre Servant obedient en norman-français etc

    L’Aigle Gris

  3. cbullitt Says:

    Bunk, since you don’t have any tunage today, I’ve got one for you in the comments at my place (Thanks Granny post) that I bet you haven’t heard in some time. It’s a live version, which unfortunately has some bogus TV intro talking over the first lyric. Still…a classic.

    BTW, nice to have obedient french servants…especially blondes dans les petite chemises.

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    GE– Where are you? I hear an echo.

    cbull– heh, Moby Grape. Nice pick.

  5. Now That's Nifty Says:

    I can’t stop watching the race one.

  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Why does everything have to be about race?

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