Hot Links Vacation

Vacation '58_John Hughes

Dan found “Vacation ’58,” the short story for the John Hughes’ movie “Vacation.”

Crappy Taxidermy, and lots of it here.

Slime mold remembers patterns of events. Short article here.

In 2005, this actor played 165 parts in a popular movie.  [Guess who before you click here.]

Eternal Moonwalk is clever.

Because we all love Paleogene ungulates.

Nice collection of videos by Quirkology here.

Google “handmade aboriginal novelty fake turd” and you get 6,390 results.

Some trees just piss each other off.

Froggie! Fishies! Hamster!

1:30 of pure greatness.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Hot Links Vacation”

  1. 1. Very crappy taxidermy
    2. I dislike that actor immensely
    3. the Moonwalk thing is a cool idea … unless someone invents Moonrunning
    4. I liked the Quirkology video … I was deceived … or it was a depth deception trick


  2. plane– I was amazed/amused also.

    plane– In order: Yes; I disliked the movie as well; Moonstumbling would be fun to watch; the video fooled me, too.

    plane– So much packed into such a short song. “Whoops! La-di-da!”

    Btw, is it just me or do all you planetrosses look the same?


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