Saturday Matinee – Buckeyes, Trombone Suicide, Stardust & Desiree Bassett

Got an eclectic mix as WorpDress went down for an oil change during my Friday evening Utoob trolling.

Bunk didn’t attend OSU, but both Papa and Mama Strutts did. The Best Damn Band in the Land is all chrome-plated brass, no weeny woodwinds there.

Bunk played trumpet in Hi-Skool, and marching band was fun…that’s where the foxy girls were. The clowns were in the trombone section.

“Stardust” is the most often recorded song of all time. Here’s Chet Atkins & Stanley Jordan’s version.

This is amazing. 15 year old Desiree Bassett effortlessly shreds LedZep’s “Rock & Roll” in front of an embarrassing Sammy Hagar.

[Update below:]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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