The Gif Friday Post No.116 – “That’s alls I can stands and I can’t stands no more.”


[Found here, here and here.]

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4 Responses to “The Gif Friday Post No.116 – “That’s alls I can stands and I can’t stands no more.””

  1. Gabriel... Says:

    Monkey’s. Are. Awesome. Did you know monkeys will actually help other monkeys to get food, without expecting to receive a reward? That kid knows.

    …jeezus, that kid takes seven shots to the head from a table, and then a chair. Awesome.

    That’s a pretty sweet left jab, straight from the shoulder and no hesitation. Hope he had something left for the kids friends.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:


    I debated whether to post these or not, but then I decided to go ahead with them, as they’re all related. Somebody messing with someone else who’s been messed with too much.

    I had a roommate in college, Rick, who was a real friendly low key guy, so low key that some of us wondered if he was a chuckle head. One day three jocks started messing with him for no reason. Turned out that Rick had a black belt something degree in karate and took out all three of the babosos on his own before the rest of us knew what happened.


  3. sharylahr Says:

    karma’s f***ing bitch 😀

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    sharyla– You like those? Try this one from Australia 2011.

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