Saturday Matinee – Axe Cop, Roadtrip, Original Stairway to Heaven, Mumbles, YaYa and the Wall of Death

Axe Cop is Awesome. PERIOD.

Whoever added the Boots Randolph sound track to this car chase gets our respect.

In 1964, The Beatles wrote “Stairway to Heaven.” [Found here.]

Clark Terry’s classic scat “Mumbles” [from M @ Blogmocracy].

Gotcha some Buckwheat Zydeco with a cover of Lee Dorsey’s “YaYa.”

Might have posted this before, but I like the song. Originally recorded by Richard and Linda Thompson, it still kicks. Have a great weekend, folks.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Axe Cop, Roadtrip, Original Stairway to Heaven, Mumbles, YaYa and the Wall of Death”

    Have pinched the car chase and Buckwheat Zydeco
    Have been a fan of buckwheat for ages
    Surprisingly when in the States last year could find very litle of their music


  2. phil– Good to hear from you. The car chase happened just south of here about a year ago. As for Buckwheat Zydeco, they probably mis-categorized it and stuck him in the polka section next to Yank Yankovich. Kids these days.


  3. Senor Bunk

    What can you expect of Lady-Drivers when these Middle-Colonists drive on the right (ie the wrong side of the road)

    The Indians & Pakistanis are more sensible


  4. Herr Eagle–

    This is a fine example of technology gone awry. The GPS system in charge of the steering servo was compromised by EMT from nearby high-tension powerlines, causing the vehicle to weave and circle.

    I agree that the Indians are more sensible, although they finished 4th in the American League Central last season. As for the Pakistanis, their soccer team hasn’t qualified for the World Cup in decades. Muhammad Essa’s about the only sensible one they have.

    Carry on.


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