Saturday Matinee – The Clarks, Dan Akroyd, Eubie Blake, Tandy & Randy Newman

The Clarks! Tip o’ the Tarboosh to coldwarrior.

Dan Akroyd plays James Cotton‘s version of Ike Turner‘s Rocket 88.

Eubie Blake was awesome. He was 95 in 1978 when this interview was recorded.

During the break there’s  an advertisement for the troublesome RadioShack TRS-80 computer system, using magenetic tape cassettes for data storage. Only cost $599! That’s about $2,000 in today’s dollars. Later on, after users complained about problems with the cassette drives, Tandy eventually offered an awesome 5MB hard drive accessory, about the same size as a PC today, for $1,500 – a whopping $4,900 today.

Okay, 1978 was probably the peak of the (gag) disco phase, and the birth of R&B pop love anthems. There is absolutely nothing that ranked in the top 20 that I’d post here, except for maybe for the Stone’s “Miss You.” Worst song they ever did IMO.

On the other hand, this song made No. 41, and Randy Newman gets kudos for writing the most misunderstood song of the year:

Have a great weekend, folks, and meet me back here tomorrow.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – The Clarks, Dan Akroyd, Eubie Blake, Tandy & Randy Newman”

  1. The Clarks? A Pittsburgh band? I’m stunned. The only musicians most people know from the burg are jazz guys–Strayhorn, Billy Eckstine, and my favorite Earl “Fatha” Hines


  2. You inspired me Bunk. I posted the above with a few other Burgh guys just afterward. Check it out when you get back from the Sci-Fi airshow.


  3. C mon– Earl Hines was one of my favorites (followed by Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons of course). Don’t miss the Sci-Fi airshow if it comes to town. It’s completely awesome.


  4. I had a whole bunch of Meade and Albert on the Archives of Jazz label. The Titles were the only thing in English, all the liner notes were in French. Naturally, they had a lot of Django too.


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