Babe Magnet for a Johnson


Whoa. Look what we’ve got here. A gen-u-ine Babe Magnet owned by someone who doesn’t know how to park.  After much deliberation here at TR HQ, the vote was split 6 to 5 in favor of awarding the coveted title of BM to this large scale version of a 12-year old’s customized Revelle model of a 1973 Chevy Impala ragtop. Pure efficient genius.

The question comes down to what type of person would drive such a PullMeOverNow car? A teenager would love it, but that’s unlikely due to the lack of moola factor, and someone in their 30s wouldn’t be seen standing next to it.  Early twenties with some serious expendable cash is as good a guess as any.

Unlike the other Babe Magnets we’ve dissected here, we know who the owner of this Tupperware-lid-wheeled ear of corn is.  Without cheating, try to guess  what he does for a living and how much he makes. Leave your assessment in the comments. The answer with links is below the break.

The owner is/was 24 year old Chris Johnson, running back for the Tennessee Titans. He calls it his “Donk.”

[Image found here.]

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5 Responses to “Babe Magnet for a Johnson”

  1. Rose Says:

    Love those wheels!


  2. Leeuna Says:

    OMG! Yet another embarrassment to Tennessee. LOL at the description: “ear of corn”. That was funny. 🙂


  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Rose– We have Tupperware lids that look just like ’em, but they’re not 30-inchers. We’d need a bigger fridge.

    Leeuna– That ride is an anti-lowrider, but as far as TN embarrassments, nothing beats Al Gore. Whatta corncob.


  4. theliteraryhorse Says:

    All I could think: “Bananamobile”.
    Which does not bode well in the babe magnet category.
    Where is Carmen Miranda when you need her?


  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    thelit– Without the ridiculous wheels it’d be a nice ride. Wonder what’s in the CD player…


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