Saturday Matinee – Hot Cats

Cats and croissants. [via]

I loved the Stray Cats’ retrobilly thang, and this was one of their finest moments. (BTW,  “Fridays” was a much funnier show than Saturday Night Live IMO.)

Speaking of Eddie Cochran, here’s Gene Vincent’s  “Be-Bop-A-Lula.”

Vince Taylor beat out The Who with this cover of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates’  “Shakin’ All Over.”

And here’s one of the greatest latter day rock and roll love songs in my opinion. Have a great weekend, folks, and may you all have pleasant surprises.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Hot Cats”

  1. Man! You just can’t stop your feet from tapping when the Stray Cats fire up and Lordy, Lordy!!! What a voice Tom Waits has…. I wonder if Tom and Rod Stewart ever did Downtown Train together???? How crazy would that be!!!


  2. Tattoo Jim– I read an interview with Tom Waits a long while ago. He was shooting for a Howlin’ Wolf sound, and deliberately messed up his vocal chords by screaming into a pillow, just to get the gravel.

    nursem– Bullets and zeppelin races!


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