i haz a static

Here is an illustration of the inspiration for Chester Carlson’s world famous invention. Guess what it was before you Google him. Seriously.

[Found here.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “i haz a static”

  1. I thought that name sounded familiar but I just couldn’t place it… had to Google it and then it popped into my head… I had seen a story about him on one of the Science Channel, Discovery Channels or one of those type channels… funny thing, his building in Astoria is near where my daughter lives now… bet she doesn’t know that!!! Pretty cool stuff Bunk!!!


  2. LK– Carlson’s story is amazing.

    plane– He created and bred haloids, which were quite an improvement over the cats of his day.

    Tattoo Jim– He made millions, yet lived frugally. I’m the same way, except for the millions.

    Bunkessa– You never asked permission to mess with the cat before. so why start now?


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