Egregious Malfeasance by ABC “Journalist” Brian Ross

[Pissy rant below.]

Due to the shooting in Aurora Colorado, I’m going to leave the choice of vids scheduled for tomorrow’s Saturday Matinee untouched. The vids have nothing to do with what happened today and are not intended as commentary. Pray for the victims and relatives of those who were slaughtered by a madman.

As for irresponsible “journalism,” Brian Ross of ABC News, with support by political hack George Stephanopolis, used a prewritten script to smear the T.E.A. Party for political reasons, and fingered an innocent man who is now receiving death threats.

This is the same yellow journalism they pulled with
George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin
Andre Brevik / Oslo Massacre
Jared Loughner / Tuscon Assassin
…and many other examples.

Meanwhile, the MSM has deliberately ignored this ongoing story.

Does anyone still believe the main stream media is NOT a propaganda machine?


Here’s a Wiki Update – links left intact. Watch for sudden rewrites.

Aurora Theatre shootings unfounded assertions

On July 20, 2012, a gunman named James Holmes, 24, went into a theatre having a midnight showing of the new movie The Dark Knight Rises and killed 12 people and injuring dozens. Ross, an employee of ABC News, suggested on-air a connection between a James Holmes, a member of a Colorado Tea Party group, and the shooting without any confirmed evidence. Several media outlets[27][28] called Ross out on his statement, with RealClearPolitics calling for his firing[29]. ABC later retracted the report and apologized.[30] The James Holmes that Ross reported on is a 52-year-old former law enforcement officer and member of a Hispanic Tea Party group. He said in an interview with that he had to disconnect his phone because he was worried about his family due to the false report.[31]

And for those of you who might dismiss as pure right-wing, you’re wrong. They fight against msm propaganda.

[Updated several times for links, typos, images, and now I’m gonna leave it alone.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Egregious Malfeasance by ABC “Journalist” Brian Ross”

  1. rain–

    I’m stunned.

    Are you saying that ABC “News” is so inept as to have a Rhodes Scholar bring in one of ABC’s top reporters to point the finger at an innocent man (out of about 20 in the Denver area who happened to have the same name as the gunman) in order to smear a political group that has NO history of violence?

    Do you really think that it was “Oopsie! We made a mistake!”?

    No f’in’ way. This is not journalism. This is complete fabrication, done deliberately, and because of it an innocent man and his family ARE receiving death threats and will probably have to go into hiding, for something he and they had nothing to do with.

    And malfeasance has nothing to do with credentials.


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