First Grade 1963


Who’s that good lookin’ kid in Row C Column 1? He liked the good lookin’ girl at C8. Her name was Karla. That same year my family moved to a different school district.

I still remember some of the kids in that picture, even though I don’t remember their names.  A9 was funny. A5, B7 & D3 were trouble makers. C1, D1, and a couple of others got detentions the first day of school for having too much fun. True. We had a blast and thought we were being rewarded.

My mom was pissed because nobody called from the school to tell her that Bunky had been detained. She thought I’d drowned in the creek.

Several years later I recognized Karla sitting next to me in Literature Class. She’d transferred into my High School in our senior year, and was a jaw-dropping knockout. I could barely stutter out my name, but she said she remembered me. She said C3 grew up to be a complete rumpswab.

Any of you recobanize your photo?


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