Atari Meets Foghat


Atari + Foghat

This is creepy as hell. What did they do with Mom?

[Found here. Related post here.]


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11 Responses to “Atari Meets Foghat”

  1. John M. Says:

    TAKE IT EASY!!!!!

    So weird. I was just thinking about this tune while I was fishing in the sewer.

  2. da_truth36 Says:

    Atari and Foghat? Two of the better things from my younger days.

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M.– Not gonna ask…

    da_t– Had I been an Atari software designer, that’s the first matchup that would occur to me. It seems so obvious.

  4. John M. Says:

    Just riffing on the cover of Fool for the City.

  5. John M. Says:

  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M. —

    Dang. That sailed right over my head. I never owned a Foghat album, but “Slow Ride” had a classic heavy groove.

    In the 60s I was listening to pop and Motown on a transistor radio. By 1975 I was into Led Zep, Eric Clapton, Robin Trower, Neil Young, Eagles, Pure Prairie League, Yes, Todd Rundgren, Aerosmith, 60s garage band rock and 50s R&B. I was about to find out about Willie Dixon, James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, BB King, and the other bluesmen who wrote and performed the original versions of my favorite RnR songs, often covered without credit.

    I found that I liked the original versions better, so I tuned out pop music. I flipped off the Eagles once I heard Tom Waits’ original version of “Ol 55.”

  7. John M. Says:

    It was a very mixed bag for me, as well. Pre- high school it was everything from The Beatles, Hendrix, Bowie, Elton John, Motown, Lou Reed, Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Yes, and even Jean Michel Jarre, ELO, Genesis and Queen– I got old country from my maternal grandmother, jazz and classical from my mother, blues, folk, soul and rock & roll from my father– this was all pre-1978ish.

    In high school it was Pink Floyd and a few odds and ends, later, DEVO turned me toward the new wave/punk scene.

    For the most part, I never lost my love for the earlier stuff, especially Zappa. My love for Frank continues to grow.

    In the 80s it was most everything except for pop, country and metal. You might find me listening to Little Feat one day, Miles Davis the day before and Throbbing Gristle the next.

    After that, it would take several pages to list.

    I never owned a Foghat record, but I liked the three or four hits they had. I didn’t find Tom Waits until the early 1980s.

    Although you’re a few years older than me, we seem to have similar arcs. Similar, but different.

  8. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M.–
    For someone who runs a blog like yours to be younger surprises me, but nevertheless we grew up together. I was just a late bloomer.
    Now check out The Persuasions’ a capella tribute to FZ. You’ll love it. It’s a way of iife.

  9. Bunk Strutts Says:

    The Persuasions’ version of “Love Of My Life” is awesome.

  10. John M. Says:

    Very cool, this stuff. Love it. Never heard it before.

    I might very well be wrong about our ages– well okay, I’ll put my balls on the table, I was born in 1962. I didn’t buy my first album until 1971. Before that it was radio and whatever I was exposed to by the adults around me. Considering you said you were actively listening to music in the 1960s, I thought that you might be a few years older. Maybe I was the late bloomer.

    Nevertheless, that is one of the funniest images I’ve seen in a while. Good stuff, man– all the time.

  11. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John M–

    Take your balls back.

    First two albums I got were from two uncles for Christmas. One gave me Big Brother & The Holding Company’s 1st album, pre-Woodstock, and before anyone knew who Janis Joplin was. The other one gave me The Carpenters. (Guess which one I listened to more.)

    The first album I bought with my own money was the first Led Zeppelin album, and I gave it to my sister for Christmas as a joke, knowing that she’d give it back to me… and she did. She liked The Monkees more.

    As for me, I’m just a few days older than Sputnik.

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