We hit the WordPress Freebee Wall today. So what.



Yep, that’s 3 megs worth of free WordPress hosting storage in The Archives, and we hit the limit today. We knew this day was coming, but we weren’t sure which path to take:

A: Say “Adios Amoebas,” and snivel away quietly.

B: Open up another WordPress freebee account and link back to this one.

C: Bite the bag and sign up for a WP Premium Account with more storage.

Nobody quits after 9+ years of fun, so Option A was out. IMO Option B is kinda taking advantage of a free service, and it meant setting up and rebuilding/resurrecting a fan base. As for Option C, I’m cheap frugal. I don’t like buying something that I can’t eat, drink or squeeze, but then I remembered our PayPal Donation account and the decision was made. Yeah, I squeezed it. I bit the bag.

Tacky Raccoons is good for another year if advert income & donations keep up. Hope y’all enjoy yourselves here – a dime a day keeps the meerkats away (cutesy little standy-uppy weasel-lookin’ bastards).



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2 Responses to “We hit the WordPress Freebee Wall today. So what.”

  1. IzaakMak Says:

    I’ve been in pretty much the same predicament for well over a year my friend, and reached more or less the same conclusions. The thing is, considering how it took roughly seven years to reach the free WP hosted limit, my inner Scrooge has balked at the thought of paying $20 per year to expand my content knowing that I would only use a small fraction of the expansion in any given year. I have no idea if I’d get enough fan support to cover the expansion in the manner you described, but the thought of even asking them to given my own qualms about makes me queasy…

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:


    Several years ago WP finally allowed advertising, so I signed up for it. No sidebars or popup ads, just the bare minimum, and I tied it to a PayPal account. That was enough to keep the blog self-sustaining, with a little left over for miscellaneous gifts & donations.

    The bottom line is that this place gives me stress relief, and a few more bucks per year isn’t going to do me any financial damage. I get more out of it than I put in, and I’ve met some interesting people along the way – yourself included.

    Everybody’s got troubles but they’re not insurmountable. Never give up.

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