Another Milestone for Tacky Raccoons.

Earlier today we passed the 2M mark and I almost missed it. Thanks, peeps and search engines. I feel like a hundred bucks.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 500 – Spade Selfie, Virtual Reality Overload & Kikmi Dog Caterpillar

[Found here, here and here.]

Yep. Over 500 .Gif Friday posts featuring .gif animations, which means we’ve got over 1500 in our archives. Yet another milestone for 2017.

This is Post No. 4,000 and it’s entirely awesome.

Two milestones for this blog in the same month.

Think about it. If you started from the beginning and viewed one post every second, it would take you 1 hour 6 minutes and 40 seconds to get through it all, but if you’re a stoner, you might be occupied for days. Be careful out there.

We hit the WordPress Freebee Wall today. So what.


Yep, that’s 3 megs worth of free WordPress hosting storage in The Archives, and we hit the limit today. We knew this day was coming, but we weren’t sure which path to take:

A: Say “Adios Amoebas,” and snivel away quietly.

B: Open up another WordPress freebee account and link back to this one.

C: Bite the bag and sign up for a WP Premium Account with more storage.

Nobody quits after 9+ years of fun, so Option A was out. IMO Option B is kinda taking advantage of a free service, and it meant setting up and rebuilding/resurrecting a fan base. As for Option C, I’m cheap frugal. I don’t like buying something that I can’t eat, drink or squeeze, but then I remembered our PayPal Donation account and the decision was made. Yeah, I squeezed it. I bit the bag.

Tacky Raccoons is good for another year if advert income & donations keep up. Hope y’all enjoy yourselves here – a dime a day keeps the meerkats away (cutesy little standy-uppy weasel-lookin’ bastards).


Three Thousand Five Hundred As Of Today.

3500 Posts

Rock on, me bloogs!


[Update: Greetings Blörters, and thanks to the Everlasting One for the linky.]

Our 3,333rd Blog Post


Yep. We’ve clogged the internest with 3,333 posts as of today according to WordPress. It averages out to 1.1 posts per day since 4 August 2007, and I can’t explain that stray tenth.

Rock on me bloogs.

A TR Milestone – 1,500,000 Big ‘ol Honkin’ Views


According to the Tacky Raccoons Statistics Department, we received our 1,500,000th blog view sometime this morning, and this is our 2,329th post. Thanks a wad for the all the visits. – Bunk

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