Ain’t No Linkage Hot Links


Miss Piggy.

No linkage.

Zombie lore.

A Review [via].

Shredder vs. Bubble Wrap.

Not all shredders are equal.

Spinning Wilson’s Phalaropes [via].

When The Levee Breaks [original version].

Life under socialism in 2019. THIS IS A MUST READ.

Haka for Mr. Dawson Tamatea’s Funeral Service 2015.

From the This-Will-Creep-You-Out Dept.: Chinese man complained of hearing scratching sounds.

Norwegian salmon pan-fried with lemon pepper and sumac, on a salad of kale, green leaf lettuce, bean sprouts, and pickled roasted red peppers, with maple balsamic dressing.
I’ll pass. Gimme a bag o’ sliders instead.

[Top image found here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Linkage Hot Links”

  1. I just read the Breitbart link you have up about the woes Venezuealans are having and the thought came to me that it is describing exactly what Californians have for a future staring them in the face.
    I certainly hope they enjoy it.


  2. Phil–

    I live in California and the state is run by socialists (at best). I see the same correlation. I emailed Senator Feinswine about the fires and the power outages, and that Sacramento should allow PG&E to clearcut under the power lines.

    A few weeks later I got a canned email that blamed the fires on “hurricane force winds.” That’s odd, because they’ve been blaming PGE for all previous fires.

    PG&E has its own corruption problems, but the socialists infesting Sacramento want to take control over the utility.


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