4 May 1970 – Kent State


Remember Always
Who Set It Up and Who Paid The Price

It began when left-wing activists from off-campus arrived by bus on Friday May 1 1970 to host a May Day protest rally. Kent State, a small university in northeast Ohio, had been chosen.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

9 thoughts on “4 May 1970 – Kent State”

  1. I maintain to this day that the National Guardsmen testified that
    they thought they heard gunshots before they opened fire. As
    our host stated, the place was crawling with agitators. I would
    not be surprised if one of the new left communist radicals set off some M-80s to get the ball rolling.

    It makes on wonder where Bill and Hill, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers
    and Rene Davis was on that fateful day!


    1. Leonard–

      I seem to recall that the SDS wanted something big to go down on a quiet midwestern campus. Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden were likely involved.

      The National Guardsmen were about the same age as the protesters, and they just had to be apprehensive. The decision to open fire had to be a spontaneous reaction to something that spooked at least one of them IMO.

      Another thing that’s always bothered me. There is/was a sculpture constructed of 1/4″ steel plates (a structural engineering project IIRC, like the concret Pagoda). One of the steel plates has what many claim is a bullet hole. Some things are wrong with that legend.

      The sculpture stood between the NG and the parking lot below. No weapons-trained soldier would have shot at it directly due to the danger of ricochet, and no soldier would have fired with that obstacle in the way. The hole is clean and round, and the NG did not carry armor-piercing ammo.

      I believe that the hole was made during steel fabrication of the sculpture for erection purposes, or otherwise existed prior to 4 May 1970.


  2. Bunk, you may want to add The Destructive Generation:
    Second Thoughts About the Sixties by Peter Collier and
    David Horowitz to your reading list. A few years after
    this event, I had a brief flirtation with a radical group.
    I was put off by their hypocrisy and raging psedo-
    intellectual elitism. Not bad for a 14-year-old.

    Anyway, if you want to delve into the minds of the radical
    left, this is the book to read.


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