Thalassocratical Hot Links

Ada Jones Nix On The Glow Worm Lena,  (1910).

Pool hustle.

This took only 60 days.

Fordite, aka Detroit agate.

9-1/2 minutes at Irwindale.

Twitter flagged this as “potentially sensitive content.”

The maximum incremental domino size is approximately 2.

Scientists have detected snake-like dental glands in caecilians.

“What does Independence Day mean to you?” This is disturbing.

[Top image from here.]

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Thalassocratical Hot Links”

  1. I had never heard the term Thalassocracy before until I became acquainted with the music of Frank Black aka Black Francis from the band Pixies. Not sure what the term has to do with the song, but it is a cool tune nonetheless…………….


    1. tamin– The title had nothing to do with anything. If I can’t think of something incredibly awesome and witty for the title of what amounts to a link dump, then I find an obscure English word and shoehorn it in.


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