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Too Experienced, The Bodysnatchers (1980) 2-Tone Records The Bodysnatchers, an all-female rock steady group from the UK, had potential. This cover of the song written by Keith Anderson (aka Bob Andy) appeared on the B-side of their second single, fulfilling their contract with 2-Tone Records. The company folded soon after and The Bodysnatchers played their last gig in October of 1980, but morphed into The Belle Stars and signed on with Stiff Records.


Musical Nail Gun.


Beatles and Crickets.

The Mayor of Boston.

A Valentine’s Day portrait.

U.S. Government Standard fart juice – the recipe.

“Who Dey?” – The origin of the Cincinnati Bengals chant.

We need a LOT more of this. And this. And while we’re at it, this.

Want to see a baby octopus riding a jellyfish like a horse? Sure you do.
[h/t Jim W.]

[Top image found here.]

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