Baba Yaga

23 Sienkiewicza, Wrocław, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.

[Top image found here; Google Maps street view here. h/t Jaime G.]

Installing Ivy On A Building – Steps 3 through 7


Step 3:  Once the matured ivy mat is at or near the site, roll the mat out (green side down) onto the adjacent paving. Measure and trim to match the height and width of the face of the building. You can do this with a wooden yardstick and some Fiskar scissors.

Step 4:  Measure and mark all door and window openings with chalk on the inside (brown) face of the mat and cut the openings as in Step 3. Make sure that the bottom of the mat is properly anchored with either surface or embedded arbor synchs, and give the mat a light spray of potable water.

Step 5:  Mask all doors, windows and openings, including vents (on the outside of the building, not the inside as shown). Connect the high-pressure hose to the gallon drums of water and Elmer’s that you mixed and prepared in Step 2. Spray it liberally over the face of the building, from the top down. Wait 10 minutes or so for the mixture to set, then roll the mat up the face of the building and tack it on. (Note that the mat is somewhat elastic, so you can stretch it to meet the corners and edges of the  sills, jambs and headers where you need to.)

Step 6:  Once the mat is in place and anchored, trim the openings as in Step 3, and provide a light mist of potable water for 24 hours minimum. Remove the masking.

Step 7: After eight weeks it’s safe to remove the scaffolding.

[Found here.]

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