Japanese Bunny Lady

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope…

Harajuku, Tokyo.

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Easter Bunny Horror Cookie

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That thing gives me nightmares. Imagine what it does to little children and mental patients.

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The .Gif Friday Post No.196 – Digital Bubble Rings, Mudman Attack & Acid Party

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The Gates of Heck

Whoa. There’s some serious WTF**kage here. Here’s a blowed-up and enhanced version:

There’s so much voodoo here I don’t know where to begin. Besides the Demon Cow ressurected by lightning and the Skull and Crossbones Medusa, there’s Michael Frank, a hoodoo man and a ninja turtle. At lower right is the scariest by far: Alfalfa as Dame Edna with a Darth Vader/Troll mask.

Nope. I’m not even gonna touch the doorbell… just back away slowly and hope the demons don’t follow.

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Paranoia Sweater

You can’t ignore me forever.

I’ve hidden your straw.

I’m gonna play “Everything Is Beautiful” over and over and over if you don’t come out.

I can still see your toes.

There’s a spider above you.

I’ve locked the bathroom door.

I’m still sitting here, and I’m watching you.

I’m going to be very quiet now…


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