Dental Office Plushies From Hell

How to instill a lifelong fear of the dentist in children.

[Images found here. It’s a Russian website with mostly funny stuff. Sort of like the Bored Panda of Moscow.]


The Colonel -1981 Eastern Kentucky University yearbook

In the 1920’s, Eastern students who wished to be known as something other than “The Maroons” voted for the Leopard as the school mascot. A plan to purchase a leopard from the Memphis, Tennessee zoo came to nothing and the students remained Maroons.

In 1963 President Robert Martin established the Colonel as the mascot, who continues in that capacity to the present day. The original Colonel design was by Louisville Courier-Journal editorial cartoonist Hugh Haynie.

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The .Gif Friday Post No.187 – Dog Hedge Pwnd, Phillie Phanatic Phake, Dog Door Pwnd

[Found herehere and here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 137 – Soccer Mom, Mascot Fail, Eggtrap

[Found here, here and here.]

From the Department of Lesser Superheroes


Two damsels in obvious distress. They cry for help, pleading for mercy, “We’ve squatted and we can’t get up! Help us, SOMEONE!”

The call is answered by the only Superhero who can save them from certain death:


When Eneman is on the scene, evil doers get what they deserve in the end. He’ll never leave his buddies behind, and he always gets to the bottom of the problem. I think any additional comment of mine may be too obviously in poor taste for such a class website such as TR, butt let your thoughts flow freely in the comments down below.

I really apologize for this post. Sorta. You still rock, though.

[Unknown source for first photo. Eneman photo (with beanie baby Enemans) from here.]

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