The Colonel -1981 Eastern Kentucky University yearbook

In the 1920’s, Eastern students who wished to be known as something other than “The Maroons” voted for the Leopard as the school mascot. A plan to purchase a leopard from the Memphis, Tennessee zoo came to nothing and the students remained Maroons.

In 1963 President Robert Martin established the Colonel as the mascot, who continues in that capacity to the present day. The original Colonel design was by Louisville Courier-Journal editorial cartoonist Hugh Haynie.

[Top image found here, background story from here.]

My Senior Yearbook Photo

What it doesn’t show are all the little chicks with the crimson lips who were pawing all over me during the mid 70’s.  Right.  And if I could go back in time and change my REAL Senior Class photo to this one, I’d do it.  Aw, but I was so much older then.

[Image created here, from Epic’s link.]

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