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Hot Links of the POGO

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Linda never listens.

Riding a Paternoster.

Thermostat Repair 101.

How to brush your teeth.

Best team mascot trick ever.

Here’s a map of pubs in the UK.

I watched this, and I’ve got nothing. Honest.

This Seattle trucker had balls of steel. Had.

Two hundred and seventy white garbage bags.

Little Red Riding Hood makes another observation.

Walt Kelly sings “I Go Pogo.” More musicalness here. Related post here.

This guy is good, but he can’t do it without the black felt. Watch full screen.

Dating advice for males only: The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix. [h/t Octopus]

Miles Davis was amazing, at least until 25:37 when he suddenly becomes Smiles Davis.

[Top image from here.]

LRR for the WIN.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Little Red Riding Hood WIN

Very inexpensive costume.
Step 1:  Get a wolf/dog hybrid.
Step 2:  Train it.
Step 3:  Find some fabric and props and piss off the wolf/dog.
Step 4:  Hire a local woodsman.

[Found here.]

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