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Saturday Matinee– Growlin’ and Slidin’

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Oh, man. We left this one for the last minute, and on “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Thought for sure that there be some easy pickin’s on the Utoobage, BUT NOOO.

Our first hunt was for Steve Goodman’s classic “Lincoln Park Pirates.” No dice. Then we looked for mashups of the Disney thing, only to turn up infantile garbage.  So then we hunted for the Mothership: Rum. Andrews Sisters’ Rum and Coca-Cola. Arrgh.

So we’re gonna throw the whole theme out. Screw it… the karma’s just not there. Gotta get some serious pirate jive growlin’ goin’ instead.

Tom Waits’ “Emotional Weather Report” recorded in Köln, West Germany, April 18, 1977. Waits never sings the same song the same way twice.

Howlin’ Wolf’s “Highway 49,” Washington D.C. Blues Festival, November 1970.

Speaking of Highways, Johnny Winter’s version of Hwy61 is a slide guitar classic.

Mississippi Fred McDowell, one of the greatest slide guitar players ever, playing “John Henry.”

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