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DON GRETH — THE DUTCH PLACE Lenhartsville, Pa. Designer, painter of Chust for Nice, dutch folk culture art. Works everyday, chust off Route 22 at the Lenhartsville HEXIT. Come see wunst, see how it’s done.

Pigmeat Markham.

The Nudibranch Song.

The story behind Wipeout.

Anyone can make a facemask.

The Border Wall at El Centro is moving right along.

Heartfelt thanks to The True Heros of this crisis [sarc alert].

Google has filed a new trademark application with the USPTO for the name “Pigweed.”[More here.]

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) sarcastically identified common “tricks, dodges, and chicanery” used in debate in 38 Ways to Win an Argument. They’re all underhanded and dishonest, and are prevalent in today’s media.

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