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YAY! Bumpercars! YAY!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

[via email from 1389AD]
We’ve featured Rat Rods before, but now it’s time for some street legal mobiles that would make Ralph Nader crawl into a freshly dug grave just to roll over.

Yes, you read that right; these little beasties are street legal.

They run on either Kawasaki or Honda motorcycle engines and co-opt vintage bumper car bodies into the most awesome form of mini-car we’ve seen in too long. There are seven of these little monsters floating around California and they’re all the creation of one man, Tom Wright, a builder in the outskirts of San Diego who figured the leftovers of the Long Beach Pike amusement park needed a more dignified end than the trash heap.

They were originally powered by two cylinder Harley Davidson Motorcycle engines but they rattled like heck because of the two cylinder vibration and Tom replaces them with four cylinder Honda or Kawasaki 750’s and a couple have been measured as capable of 160 MPH, which is terrifyingly fast in machines with such a short wheelbase.

Are these true Babe Magnets? For sure, and they’re Unsafe At Any Speed, which is just how we like it on Tacky Raccoons.

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