Finally a Raccoon Banner

Middle of the night. Tired. You just passed through the woods from Gramma’s house, and crossed over the river. You see him in your headlights. He’s there, standing in the middle of the road. He dares you to hit him, knowing that your wife and kids are in the car, not quite asleep. You slowly brake to a stop, wondering what to do next. Defiance charges the air with electrical impulses unseen in the damp humid darkness, felt only by the hairs on your unshaven back. You can’t back down, yet you recoil after coiling. That haunting apparition…

[Good God. Will Someone PLEASE finish this in the Comments Section? Otherwise it’s just gonna get worse, and I don’t wanna take responsibility for what might happen next.]

[Image source here, via Your Daily Awesome.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “Finally a Raccoon Banner”

  1. Corey– Wow. After almost 2-1/2 years you just noticed? Actually I did ask for permission, but got no response, so I linked you your site, as well as to the now defunct site where I found it originally. The photo is awesome, and in no way did I take credit for it. If you are offended by my free advertisement of your photography, please accept my apologies. –Bunk


  2. Actually Bunk, I have received no emails from you asking permission. An if it landed in my junk mail, that is no excuse to go ahead and use the photo. The defunk link you got it from was called “My daily awesome” and they had given me photo credit. Now, you have my photo on your banner and this photo above with no credit to me whatsoever. It’s time to change your banner, as you still have no permission from me. You can reply to my email address.

    Corey Arnold


  3. Corey– I’m sorry you’re bothered by the innocent use of a cropped version of your photo in our banner. As for photo credit, the link above goes directly to your website, as do your comments here.

    The majority of the images we post are obtained from other sources, and unlike some websites, we always give credit, excepting those rare few where the original sources were lost.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, etc.



  4. There is no credit given in the Banner, and the image is pixelated. Not a very nice representation of the work. What bothers me is that you never got my permission, so I’d kindly ask you to remove the banner. I’m sure there are plenty of other raccoon photos for you to use.

    And, in the above photo, you need to erase the “my daily awesome” and have my name clearly printed in the text with a link. That is the proper way to add photo credit.

    The photo above is also stripped of my metadata and cropped really badly.

    I don’t have much more to say about it. Many of my images have been showing up uncredited around the web, and I’m taking measures to control a few of my most popular images.

    Corey Arnold


  5. Corey–

    Thanks for your comments. The image in the banner was cropped to fit and since it is a .jpg in lieu of a .png image it allows the blog to load faster. As for the image on this post, I was not aware of any cropping as I found it as is at Your Daily Awesome.

    If you are concerned about others publicizing your work as their own (which I have not done) consider posting your images with an embedded watermark.

    Meanwhile, I’ve added a credit to you in the sidebar.



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