When Apples Go Bad



All it took to send them into rebellion was one innocuous comment.

“Hey Bob! Bob Oso! Y’all truckin’ Granny Smith again?” The Jonagolds had had enough.

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5 Responses to “When Apples Go Bad”

  1. wrekehavoc Says:

    rotflmao. i wonder what happens when oranges fight the power?


  2. CheeseDuck Says:

    Just takes one bad apple…


  3. Bunk Says:

    wreke– Thanx for visiting. To answer your question, review Irish history. The answer can be found there.

    CheeseDuck– Haven’t seed you around in a whale! Please finish the sentence you started.


  4. diesel Says:

    Damn, I was going to make the one bad apple comment. Now all I’ve got is, “I wonder if the driver was hitting the sauce.”


  5. Bunk Says:

    Diesel– As usual, you’ve pared it down the core. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and you’re no exception. But why do you reference a Jackson 5 song?


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