Son of Hot Links

The management at Tacky Raccoons is proud to announce that the lovely and talented Jen of Casual Slack fame has whelped a new blog: Retro Tavern.

PhotoBlog of derelict/abandoned Insane Asylums (Asylae?) here.

Richard Thompson does a great cover of a not so great song here. His “Wall of Death” (originally recorded with future ex-wife Linda) is classic.

Please “Do Not” look at this link.

Brief summary of the basics of the Retroencabulator in layman’s terms, a veritable primer on Advanced Tublication, here. All it needs is a Buettner variable switch on the barraic capacitor.

It’s really not THAT complicated. Cool B&W photos of US teenagers and their woe-quotes here via here.

Obnoxious TV show from the UK (heh) featuring “Bunny Boiler.” (Kinda PG-sumpm.)

Live sidewalk cover of the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Wrong Trousers. And they’ve got a studio version here.

The Idiot Test. Not here, there.

Russia likes Tacky Racoons (and some of you folks on our blogroll, too). The translation for TR reads, “New Resource. It is interesting.” Good enough for me. Here’s the list.

Looking for new humorz? Diesel has 819 sites listed (with a mysterious rating system based on flux) at Humor-Blogs. Bunky is very pleased to be stirring up flatulence within the 90th percentile (but not enough to be dancing around in his chonis). Sign up as a member if you haven’t already.

[Previous Hot Links here.]

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