Kirk vs. T vs. Norris: Battle of the Titans (Part 1)


Let’s start with Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his dilithium-powered toilet plunger with crystalline scrubbing bubbles.

He wasn’t even born when Chuck Norris and Mr. T came along, so there’s a definite age-gap. If Chuck and Mr. really wanted to take him out, they’d have to chase down and crank on Kirk’s present-time direct lineage ancestors. Of course, maybe just taking out a few of Kirk’s ancestors would be enough, and Captain James T. Kirk’s pedigree would be sufficiently damaged to make him a non-combatant by default.

But Kirk has one great advantage: worm holes. He can travel back in time and kick anyone’s butt if he really wanted to. He could conceivably find Norris and T while they were still in grade school, beam them up and drop them off with Flash Basbo on the Planet of the Mind Gobblers. Honestly, I don’t believe Kirk could pull it off. He’s got more integrity than to do something that despicable.

Even if he could, he wouldn’t do it on his own… at least three more have to beam down with him. The guy with the red shirt is gonna eat it (whereupon Dr. McCoy, aka Captain Obvious, will declare “He’s dead, Jim”). The other two are regulars who might be injured, but will eventually be beamed up with the rest of the party and the cadaver’s remains if any.

Armed with his signature “Drop ‘n Roll” all-purpose defensive move, Captain Kirk is definitely a strong contender.

[Image from here. Related posts here and here, and we’ve got a related archive here. Coming up tomorrow: Mr. T.]

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3 Responses to “Kirk vs. T vs. Norris: Battle of the Titans (Part 1)”

  1. planetross Says:

    This epic match-up could go several different ways.

    But the guy in the red shirt is doomed 🙂

  2. Finicky Penguin Says:

    Mr. T all the way!

  3. archiearchive FCD Says:

    It is about time Cap’n Kirk used his wormhole transporter thingie to travel back in time to kick Danny Crane in the ass!

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