Bride of Hot Links

The Undramatic Chipmunk found via cnet.

Lotsa odd facial hair here.

Build you own virtual star and watch it grow old.

Unintentional Goatse proves that there is indeed a website for everyone.

How to confuse an idiot: here (from Phil’s Phun).


Try out the Uglifier. On yourself.

Winter in Russia.

The first ButtBerry Award, here.

How to deliberately create an unsuccessful blog, by Slippy.

Always dry, always excellent:  Futility Closet.

Ditto Hanuman. I don’t know where he finds these gems.

Garfield-Garfield from SNTC.

Speaking of lame comic strips:  Marmaduke Explained shows us all where we missed the humor.

And finally, here’s the correct response to every New Yorker Magazine caption contest.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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