Another Great Gift Idea: Etch-A-Line



Bryan, OH (Strutts News Services) – Etch-A-Line-X from Ohio Art promises to be a big seller this season, second only to Etch-A-Dot.  This excellent version allows children with Y-Y comprehension problems to ignore the difficulties inherent in the original product. Etch-A-Line-Y, the companion toy, allows children to explore the Y-Y axis by scrolling the “etch” vertically on the screen, i.e., up and down.

For those children who might be uncomfortable with two dimensions, Ohio Art has the Etch-A-Dot, which cleverly replaces the non-user-friendly single rolling knob with a red “Press This Button” activation device.  Press the Red Button, and you’ve got a dot.  The “Dot” provides instant gratification, a minimalist work of art, and it’s clever as well, since the “dot” is ALWAYS at the precise center of the screen.

What the Future Holds:  Production of the fourth companion product, (Etch-A-Line-Z) is on hold for now.  Preliminary evaluations resulted in the temporary blindness of a substantial number of volunteers. Prototype Z is being re-evaluated for distribution in late August of the year after next before this one.

[From here. Nice archive of other excellent gift ideas here.]


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3 Responses to “Another Great Gift Idea: Etch-A-Line”

  1. FP Says:

    I’ve just come up with a revolutionary idea! What if Etch-a-Lines X & Y were COMBINED!

    No, that’s too ahead of the times.

  2. Jessie Says:

    original gift ideas…

    I think this is pretty common….

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Not THIS stripped down version…

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