Growing Dogs: Part 1 – Planting

Pisgah, Ohio (Strutts News Services) – Anyone who has tried to raise big dogs in the city understands the difficulties involved.  One authority, Ms. Tooncie Crumbler, has beat the odds and raised several healthy crops of Retrievers Golden outside her flat in downtown Pisgah.

“Assuming you start with good stock, all it takes are a few clippings, good soil, and bone meal mulch to get ’em to take root and prosper,” said Ms. Crumbler, 78.  “Then you have to keep them watered.  They do better in the shade, otherwise they tend to wither, and you have to crop ’em back occasionally.”

When asked about the sprouts observed outside of the planters, Ms. Crumbler initially denied their existence, but admitted that she was embarrassed for not having weeded the strays as often as she’d like.

“Once I get me some more planters, I’ll dig ’em up and pot ’em. Until then, they’re just weeds to me.”

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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