Babe Magnet: Car d’boardage


Babe Magnet Cardboard Mod

When planning to turn a lame ride into something truly sucky, there are only four words to remember:  Corrugated Cardboard ‘N’ Duct Tape.  (The “N” word doesn’t count.)

So how do we analyze this pathetic attempt at true Babe Magnetage?  Hard to say.  But there are three likely scenarios.

1.  The owner of this Ford POS has absolutely no budget, but works in a parts warehouse with lots of, um, materials at hand.  He’s your run-of-the-mill petty thief, specializing in recyclables, and dreams about the world of industrial design while wishing he worked in a fiberglass plant;

2.   The owner of the Ford POS got peer-punked by co-dorks who had some off-time when the local Arby’s closed, and decided to give him a high school graduation present consisting of one last mockery;

3.  The owner of the Ford POS is a boob who ran out of spray paint to finish it off before attempting to sell the Ford POS on Ebay as an Eddie Bauer Edition.

We predict the project will be abandoned while still in its infancy.

The cardboard spoiler and skirts will be torn off leaving big ol’ honkin’ duct tape marks where the paint used to be, and the owner of the Ford POS will decide to up the ante for True Babe Magnet Status (think flat black spraypaint finish with green  and orange fluorescent spackle flames) before he dumps it off on his gullible younger brother for an amount that will take him years to pay off.

Pure efficient genius.

[Image found here. Excellent collection of more Babe Magnetage here.]

P.S. I keep forgetting to use the forbidden word “retarded.”

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8 Responses to “Babe Magnet: Car d’boardage”

  1. Notoriously Conservative Says:

    I don’t recall saying you could post a picture of my car.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    NC– I don’t recall axing you for permission, either. Go figger.

  3. cbullitt Says:

    Awesome. Mother of Invention Frank Zappa would be proud.

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    cbull– Brown [fender skirts/air dams] Don’t Make It.

  5. planetross Says:

    I guess “bondo” is a good idea sometimes.

  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    plane– PlayDoh would work, too.

  7. theliteraryhorse Says:

    I’ve got the kids hard at work to provide enough chewing gum, should anyone run out of PlayDoh.

  8. Bunk Strutts Says:

    thelit– Chiclets/PlayDoh/Bondo, whatever works. Let ’em chew what they want.

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