Hot Links – Cephalopoodle Edition

And then I’ll call Pup Tentacle

Note that we have once again made Google History by being the first to post the term “Cephalopoodle.” It’s right up there with the first mention and commentary about Igde Pshat. Y’all are cordially welcome.

zen haiku:
knock knock knock knock knock
knock knock knock who’s there? Not that
octopus again

From that same link comes this great Zen google translation:
“Neurotic he is already.You can repair the way the octopus laugh : it is like empty.”

Congrats to Hanan of GrowABrain for the new addition to his family unit.

Tribute websites exist for just about everything, including the WWW. Don’t badmouth Artemus Gordon.

Interesting lecture on creativity by Sir Ken Robinson. I don’t agree with everything he espouses, but it’s an entertaining commentary on the public education system.

Given that a circle is comprised of line segments, and that each segment is tangent to the center of that circle, then the simplest circle that one can draw is an equilateral triangle.

Soldier’s Mail came from a comment on this post. Good stuff.

Military Magazine is still a good read. Get a free copy and decide for yourself.

Oh, and BTW, Hobotopia rocks.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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