4th Place – Not bad for less than a quarter horse

Not bad for a horse with a good handicap.

Here’s how Bunk plays the ponies. Have a friend with you, and look for the posted odds in the Racing Form for each race. Pick horses in the 1-7 through 1-15 range. Get in line to post your bets. [More below the break.]

You want to place your bets as close to post time as possible. This means that you may want to let some folks ahead of you (they won’t mind). You and your friend should be back-to-back, one watching the line and the window, while you watch the changing odds on the posting board.  Do NOT place a bet before 2 minutes to post time.

Pay attention to the horses you picked, and look for the horse whose odds jump fast in those last few minutes,  from say 1-12 to 1-6. That’s where the big money is going, and that’s your boy.  Bet on him to Place.

Don’t go to the track on “hat day” or any other promotional day where little old ladies bet on the colors of the jockeys’ tunics if you want this strategy to work. You’re on your own, and you don’t owe me nuttin’ unless you win.

[Image found here. Betting strategy came from a hitch-hiker I picked up during an Ohio snowstorm. He worked at the Grove City racetrack in the late 70’s,  and was on his way home for Christmas.  True story.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

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