Survival Recycling

Look closely. It works.

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Training Your Boa

There’s way too much carotene in this snake’s diet, so the responsible reptile raiser rewards it for successfully using the boa litter box in the closet with a cucumber instead. It’ll regain its natural color in a week or so.

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Checking the Lotto

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If I had all the money I ever spent on lottery tickets… oh wait, I do. You can get better odds in Las Vegas, and that city was built on odds. You want 2 to 1 odds? Go to the racetrack, and you won’t get it there either. [More below the break.]

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4th Place – Not bad for less than a quarter horse

Not bad for a horse with a good handicap.

Here’s how Bunk plays the ponies. Have a friend with you, and look for the posted odds in the Racing Form for each race. Pick horses in the 1-7 through 1-15 range. Get in line to post your bets. [More below the break.]

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Bunk’s Days in the Service… Industry


A long time ago, in the late ages of black and white TV, Bunk worked in the service industry.  Grunt jobs in restaurants and hotels.  Pot washer. Busboy. Bellhop. Toilet scrubber. Shag carpet raker. Drunk patron helperouter

I was one of three bellhops wearing Hilton monkey suits. Think of three PeeWee Herman/Eddie Haskell type weasels lurking just inside the front doors of a fancy hotel. We were like that.

Besides humping bags all over the hotel, we ran room service and operated a satellite AVIS car rental desk. We were paid less than minimum wage as we were expected to make up the rest in tips.

We got creative.

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