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St. Pancras Hotel

Thursday, 10 November 2016

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London. St. Pancras is the Patron Saint of Teenagers:

We have no reliable historical information about this martyr. Legend tells us he was born at the end of the third century and brought up by an uncle in Rome after the death of his parents. Both he and his uncle became Christians. Pancras was beheaded in 304 during Diocletian’s persecution. He was only 14 years old [via].

[Photo by Dan Hamilton, image found here.]


Bunk’s Days in the Service… Industry

Sunday, 21 December 2008


A long time ago, in the late ages of black and white TV, Bunk worked in the service industry.  Grunt jobs in restaurants and hotels.  Pot washer. Busboy. Bellhop. Toilet scrubber. Shag carpet raker. Drunk patron helperouter

I was one of three bellhops wearing Hilton monkey suits. Think of three PeeWee Herman/Eddie Haskell type weasels lurking just inside the front doors of a fancy hotel. We were like that.

Besides humping bags all over the hotel, we ran room service and operated a satellite AVIS car rental desk. We were paid less than minimum wage as we were expected to make up the rest in tips.

We got creative.


Mannikin Hotel

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Crispy decapitated amputees and fuming black males: 1st Floor;
Full-scale Barbies, accessories and original packaging: 2nd Floor;
Miscellaneous torsos and body parts: 3rd Floor;
Tanning Party on Four.

You REALLY don’t want to know what’s on the upper floors, and the basement is just disgusting.

[Image from somewhere in here.]

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