Mae Questel’s Contribution to the World

You’ve seen her. You’ve heard her voice. She’s famous, yet you don’t know who Mae Questel was. [More below the break.]

Here she is as “Aunt Bethany” in 1989’s “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Mae Questel in 1978.

Mae Questal as “Aunt Bluebell” hawking paper towels in the early 1970s.  Is that not enough for you? Maybe this will help:

Here’s an earlier photo. Still puzzled? Try this:

Mae Questal (1908-1998) had an amazing career. She was the voice behind Betty Boop, Olive Oyl (even did Popeye’s voice in a pinch), Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Lulu, Lil’ Audrey and others. She starred in numerous movies including one in 1933 with Bela Lugosi:

So now you know who Mae Questel was, and you’re very welcome.

[More at the Wikipedioid. Images from teh Google.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

11 thoughts on “Mae Questel’s Contribution to the World”

  1. This is GREAT Bunk! All my favorite shows as a kid…I mean…reruns when I was much much older.

    There was a movie theater in Berkeley that used to show nothing but Betty Boop cartoons and clips like this one, over and over again – might have been a Betty Boop night, I can’t remember exactly (okay maybe I DID watch the originals.)

    Loved to go there on Sunday nights. (less clouds of alternative um cigarette smoke than Fri and Sat. At least some people had to work the next day.)

    Thanks for the trip back in time!


  2. Man! I recognized everything in this post, and yet I wouldn’t have been able to name the lady if my life depended on it! I’m really glad that she got some of the recognition that she deserved so much. Thanks my friend! 😀


  3. mak– Tony made a comment about Betty Boop earlier, and I remembered that the voice of Olive Oyl was done by the same person. I was surprised at how much more work she did with such little public recognition.


  4. OMG

    People are still assuming that mae questel played Betty Boop in that short? with bela??? I
    ts all been told recently!!!

    IT WAS BONNIE POE!! OTHER BETTY BOOP VOICE ACTRESS Who played Betty Boop In hollywood on parade in 1933, with Bela Lugosi

    also i think you are forgetting 5 people voiced the character Betty Boop

    margie hines, Bonnie poe, Kate Wright and little ann little

    little ann little and Mae Questel were the most populer voices
    but little ann little was never seen in a live preformance becuse she used to tour as betty boop in the 1930s

    Also here is Proof! Bonnie Poes Credits

    MAE Questel Played BETTY BOOP IN Musical JUSTICE

    Heres mae questel playing betty boop

    so please can you not class bonnie poe as mae questel becuse its wrong!

    also im not shouting or anything xD im just telling you


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