Saturday Matinee – Trib Cartoonists, String Bean, Doobies & Chet Atkins


1931 Cartoonists at the Trib. I love that style. [Found here.]

“Run Rabbit Run” by String Bean (aka David Akeman) the inventor of gangsta pants and sporting early metal makeup, playing with Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs. Akeman and his wife were murdered by burglars at their rural Tennessee home in 1973.

I’d forgotten about this song until I heard Bunkessa singing it. It reminds me of a high school roadtrip when Dave Borracho decided to relieve himself through the open rear window of Mike Pupshaw’s family station wagon and we learned about aerodynamics.

Chet Atkins was amazing. Here’s some chickin’ pickin’ on “Yakety Axe,” a riff on Boots Randolph’s classic, “Yakety Sax,” more commonly known as “The Benny Hill Theme Song.”

Have a good weekend, folks.

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5 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – Trib Cartoonists, String Bean, Doobies & Chet Atkins”

  1. Cooper Green Says:

    Are you an old person, Bunk? You’ve gotta be old. First you regurgitate Mason Reese (first for me), and now here you are posting Chet Atkins. One of the first LPs (as in vinyl) I ever bought was this one, which I remember as much for the sleeve artwork as anything. The man was a genius. And now that you have two posts I like, I’ll come back.

  2. wheels Says:

    To think that “casual dress” for a cartoonist once meant taking off the suit coat and rolling up the shirt sleeves, but leaving the vest and tie on.

    Nice music videos, particularly the Atkins.

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Coop– I’ve got three things to say to you. First: Bite me. Second: You’re the author of the 4,000th comment on this blog (not counting all the Russki spam we get). Third: Nice to have you here. Got a nice archive of retro videos you might like, too, generally posted on Saturdays. Just don’t pull that “old person” crap again, and we’ll get along just fine.

    Wheels– Used to be that the cartoonists sold the papers. Nowadays, most of the news is a joke already, and comic strips aren’t needed as much anymore.

  4. Cooper Green Says:

    4,000! Wow, I feel honoured. A person’s got to be pretty mature to have a blog that’s been around long enough to attract that many comments. Congratulations, youngster.

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Coop– Excellent suck up, and you’re forgiven for all previous trespasses. Generally we don’t get a lot of comments, but occasionally there’s a thread that magically turns into a fun dissection (like this and that).

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