10/10/10 10:10:10

You missed it, didn’t you?

For this Auspicious Occasion, it was our intention to announce the Wiener of the Poll. We can’t… there is a tie. Planetross and Wheels each garnered exactly 21.43% of the vote. (You can view the entries and poll results here.) So to be fair, we’ve gotta have a runoff poll.

Voting is open for one week only, and the clock is ticking, so Wheels & Planetross, rally your troops.

And for the folks who are sponsoring this Competition, here’s another plug:

You can find millions of personalized gifts, hooded sweatshirts and 2011 wall calendars at CafePress – for any topic, interest or brand!

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

14 thoughts on “10/10/10 10:10:10”

  1. I didn’t vote in the first round because it just didn’t seem right to me. If it had been an election where it was a question of qualifications, it would have been different, but a matter of taste? Just seems a little off to me.

    This time around? No qualms.


  2. Maybe so, but I’ve always had trouble promoting or asserting myself. Trying to overcome painful shyness is one reason why I started blogging, and among the reasons why I started playing musical instruments and taking ballroom dance lessons.


  3. What can I say? I’ll have you know I blush when I have to walk across the dance floor if I win a door prize at the Saturday dance (usually tickets to the next dance or a bottle of cheap wine). I also blush if my boss or a customer congratulates me for doing a good job (and, at 57, that’s embarrassing enough to make me blush anew).


  4. I’m late for the party. I’ll try to rally my troop with a last minute appeal … possibly mentioning Sally Struthers or Jerry Lewis to confuse people.
    … should I go for negative advertising? what have wheels ever done for mankind … or cars maybe. hee hee!


  5. For die many Intellectuals oder Volk von Taste und DisKrimination who visit diese Blogge :

    If THIS is a Qvestion

    Then, THIS is an answer

    If you vant to vote tvice,
    You do not vnt tobe a Demokrat or Dead to be

    Fly to Pakistan
    kidnap Miss Eagle’s Cputer

    It maikes yer fink, ugh
    Das ist es, doch


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