The .Gif Friday Post No. 153 – Gull Win, Cat Fail, Cat Wii, Kermit & Vincent

[Found here, here, here and here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

8 thoughts on “The .Gif Friday Post No. 153 – Gull Win, Cat Fail, Cat Wii, Kermit & Vincent”

  1. the “cat fail” gif isn’t funny. At all. The cat is having a seizure.
    How do I know? Because of the way it falls. It’s a fluid motion, and when the cat hits the counter, it doesn’t even lift it’s head.
    I’m really disappointed that you’d post that here.
    It’s sad. Not funny.


  2. Kim–
    Wow. You can deduce all of that from a 4 second .gif animation clip? Have you never seen a cat or a dog dreaming? As far as I could tell, the cat picked a typical cat place to sleep, had a dream that resulted in a cat doing what cats do. I found it to be funny, sorry you didn’t.

    P.S. I stripped the link to your spam website. We don’t do that here.


  3. Yes, I can tell all of that from that gif.
    It’s clear that the cat is not a cat sleeping normally because the body is completely fluid in it’s movement.
    At no point does the animal show any muscle rigidity, especially during and after the fall. Even when the animal lands on the surface below there is still no indication of tone.
    Any species, be it feline, canine or human will respond to falling during sleep, even if it doesn’t happen until after the fall is completed. There will be a startle reflex. From what I see here, that doesn’t happen. The cat remains motionless at the end of the fall.

    Since you asked, I have 3 cats and 3 dogs. So, I’ve seen plenty of sleeping animals. And my german shepherd routinely falls off the bed when he’s sleeping. Now THAT’S funny.

    About the “spam website”….that was unintentional. The “not funny” was supposed to be a title to my comment.
    When I’m looking at the comment field, the word “website” is beside the space where the email address goes. I didn’t realize that it would be indicated as a link to a website. I apologize for that.


  4. Kim–
    Thanks for the update. I’m going to leave the .gif up, though, along with your comments.

    For the record, we don’t post intentionally offensive material here. I did take down one entire post after it was pointed out to me the true meaning of what I saw as amusing.


  5. Plane–
    From Wikipudlia: He often spoke of his pleasure at playing Egghead in the Batman television series. One of his co-stars, Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), said Price was her favorite villain in the series. In an often-repeated anecdote from the set of Batman, Price, after a take was printed, started throwing eggs at series stars Adam West and Burt Ward, and when asked to stop replied, “With a full artillery? Not a chance!”, causing an eggfight to erupt on the soundstage


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